biolord - biological representation disentanglement

biolord - biological representation disentanglement#

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A deep generative framework for disentangling known and unknown attributes in single-cell data.

We assume partial supervision over known attributes (categorical or ordered) along with single-cell measurements. Given the partial supervision biolord finds a decomposed latent space, and provides a generative model to obtain single-cell measurements for different cell states.

For more details read our pubication in Nature Biotechnology.

The biolord pipeline

Getting started#

Please refer to the documentation.


There are several alternative options to install biolord:

  1. Install the latest release of biolord from PyPI:

    pip install biolord
  2. Install the latest development version:

    pip install git+

Release notes#

See the changelog.


Feel free to contact us by mail. If you found a bug, please use the issue tracker.


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